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animationhero44 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017
 I notice you've been trying to get fans so you can help support yourself. That goal is great and wish you all the best for it. The problem with said goal is you are moving too fast . You want people to pay for your content right off the bat and when you have no name for yourself. All the artist you follow or like have these things in common.

1. They grew up on this site and grew up with their watchers. I've been a watcher of Rae since I was in my mid teens.Same with the creator of Tofuti sawa. Same with people  who follow Kay BBA comic. It went on a long ass hiatus and was as popular as ever upon it's return. That the power of loyal fans. Basic argument is  this it takes time to build a following. 

2 They all offer their content for free but made people pay for their commissions. Why cause when you do a com for someone your doing them a favor. Drawing something you don't care about for their pleasure.  So of course they owe you money for taking out time/energy from your life.

Now switch it to you wanting them to pay for your story. You want them to take time\energy out of their lives pay for your characters,story and concept.  It something you personally care about and something you want people to read. They don't know a lot about you or your ability so their gambling on your character.

You're not publish nor do you have reviews to go by. So now your asking them a favor to support you to create a comic that may or may not be to their liking . A lot of popular comic creators on this site don't do this. The creator of lackdaisy cats doesn't even do this and she : publish,has high paying  patreon and a super strong following. Despite all the above she still gives the webcomic for free.When you don't have a publisher or press all you have is word of mouth. Putting up a paywall doesn't help your comic. Give them your comic the thing you want them to invest in for free. 

Please do not take offense to this . It not me trying to get a free comic out of you or say an artist shouldn't make living. It's me taking what I observe from people who you want to emulate .
feldsparflux Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I want to thank you for your honesty.

I actually grew up on this site as well. I’ve been here at least seven years, but it appears I’ve been here for only a short time (see example here:…) This doesn’t go back terribly far, but believe me, I’ve been on here for quite awhile. My previous accounts are so old though, and I took breaks from them as well, so there are no active watchers paying attention over there any longer.

Honestly, I’m not terribly interested in making anything for money anymore, commissions or comics. And even if I made comics for free and offered commissions to make an income, my art honestly doesn’t look great enough to get people to pay for it. Making people pay for something they can easily find somewhere else at a much better quality is a bad business plan. Still, there's always someone with worse looking art managing to get commissions for their sub-par work. They're the exception, not the rule. It's not "nice" to say this, but it's true. 

DeviantART and it's roulette is pretty pointless that way. And with college, I simply don’t have the time to invest to “get better” and gain a following. This may change in the future, but for right now it’s not feasible.

I do not intend to be offensive or rude. I want to thank you for taking the time to write your message. 

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